Hauni Straw Maker.

An all-round winner


The world's fastest paper straw maker

The HSM (Hauni Straw Maker) produces visually appealing paper straws at a hitherto unparalleled speed of 200 m/min. Its high level of automation ensures above-average quality and an efficiency of more than 90 percent (OEE). At a speed of 200 m per minute, this means you can produce up to 1.2 million straws during three-shift operation.


Lowest production cost per straw

Paper and glue consumption have been optimized by up to 50% thanks to the linear two-layer production process. Automatic paper feed as well as other innovative automation standards also mean that the machine only requires one operator. One person can even operate two lines.


Technology proven worldwide

For five years now, 30 machines similar to the HSM have been used by the international tobacco industry to produce special filters. The technology, already established in the marketplace and tested under real conditions, has now been adapted to produce high-quality paper straws, thereby offering an expertise-based, robust solution for the future.


Production process

Linear production process

Paper straws with the perfect look

The Hauni Straw Maker allows you to produce high-quality, biodegradable straws that combine the best of both worlds: these paper straws have a look and feel that is reminiscent of plastic, are food-safe and contain only minimal amounts of adhesive. They are made using special, material-efficient two-layer technology. The perfect, unfrayed cut. No overlapping like there is with spiral-wound straws. Thanks to the market-proven, high-tech process used, you only need one type of paper to produce the straws, thereby saving material.


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Hauni Straw Maker

The Hauni Straw Maker is based on 5 years of experience in producing perfect paper tubes. The tobacco industry around the world uses our machines to produce high-quality special filters. Our market-proven technology is based on a special production process in which the paper is cut and glued so that the edges match up without any overlapping seams. This not only saves on adhesive, it also reduces the paper required to one type, in contrast to the conventional spiral-wound method. The Paper Straw Maker also produces at a hitherto unparalleled speed and requires only one operator.

Insight into the Hauni Straw Maker

The Hauni Group

75 years of German engineering

All over the world, the name Hauni is synonymous with first-class mechanical engineering. As the leading global supplier of technology and services to the tobacco industry, we are always near our customers with 4500 employees at 20 locations across the globe. We meet the exacting standards we set ourselves when it comes to customer-oriented solutions with a high level of innovation and a growing wealth of expertise that dates back to 1946.

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You'll never walk alone

For us, the sale of a machine does not mark the end of a relationship with the customer, but the beginning of a partnership. You choose the area you need help with - we analyze your needs and suggest specific solutions. Together, we define the scope of operational and process support required to solve problems quickly or to improve your production output on an ongoing basis.

Assistance from A to Z

We don't leave you on your own! Installation and start-up management, operator training, production support or performance analysis - whatever you need help with: our experienced service staff are at your service. Even when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your Hauni Paper Straw Maker, you will find that we are a service-oriented, competent partner.

What you need, when you need it

Thanks to our global logistics network and permanent supply capability, spare parts, subassemblies, new equipment, devices or tools - whatever you need - can be sent to your production site promptly, and the availability of spare parts is guaranteed for at least 10 years. You can order either in person or conveniently via our webshop. Hauni Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Always near you

We are represented by production facilities, sales companies and representative offices on five continents. Whether it's Richmond in the USA, Pécs in Hungary or Shanghai in China, our international presence ensures that we are always near you. You benefit from the network of a large international company and the proximity and agility of a local partner.

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